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Working with meditation, crystals and shamanic techniques of seeking help from other worlds , learning to be present in this one,we can find personal strength and balance to walk our unique path.


Hello and welcome to medicine door. I hope there is something that you find interesting.What follows is a description of how I am as a Shamanic practitioner , sharing a way that I have discovered on my own exploration of the landscape we call life.There is a blog page where I have written my meandering thoughts, photographs of the place I live ,some books I've read or other sites I have discovered. I invite you to comment,suggest, contribute your own discoveries . We can explore some pathways and help each other along the way. A friend told me that a wise teacher once said,"all we are doing is walking each other home".Thank you for coming to medicine door,  let's walk a little way together .Calling on the seven directions for help and inspiration , we make space for wellbeing to grow. Recognising that inate health and personal strength can be accessed through shamanic practice we agree a path together to move towards creation of the sacred human. Not every dis-ease can be healed ,not every problem has a solution,this is a practise of continuous evolution ,a slow progress of discovering a small part of who we truly are.


We’re Medicine Door


Johanna McHugh

Johanna is a Shamanic practitioner living in Suffolk,the county in which  she was born.She began her spiritual quest with a pack of tarot cards , and thanks to a love of the Beatles she learned to meditate. Since then she has explored Buddhism, Christian mysticism,and Earth based spiritual practices. Studying in England and Wales she has developed a practice of partnership, listening and reflection. She works with the elements,crystals, stillness and movement ; seeking guidance from otherworlds and grounding in nature .Her previous profession in health and social care , from which she retired in 2019 , gives her a solid grounding in this world and awareness of life's teachings.She in no way has all, if any, of the answers,however can offer methods and models on which wholeness and balance can be sought and may be found.She is a  Reiki practitioner attuned to Reiki III and consults the Elder Futhark Runes .

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Do I need any experience in shamanism

No, you don't need any experience, bring your curiosity.If you do have experience, bring that too.We start where we are and see which direction  to take. 

What is shamanic practice?

It is a way of accessing your inner wisdom. Through meditation,with or without drumming, we can access parts of ourselves to ask for and receive help.These parts can  present as animals, people, messages ,inspirations. The places we go in the meditation or journey are called upper and lower world. The middle world is where we live.The guidance and help we receive can help us live a more harmonious life,but are not dictates. We always, always have choice to act on them.

What is the cost of shamanic treatment ?

Time in shamanic world is not the same as we experience it here. Therefore cost is per session,not per hour. An energy balance,feather blessing and guided meditation can take ninety minutes. Limpia can take two hours .I ask forty pounds per session,however I am aware that the current financial situation for many people is becoming more difficult and know from personal experience that the practice I offer can really benefit human being so I am always open to talk about finances. No charge for initial consultation, preferably by phone. Or email me with any questions. We will then decide on what can be done, for how long, charges and concessions,and whether we can work together !There is also a cost of your time and commitment to the process.


I am a Reiki practitioner, attuned to Reiki III.
In person session Approx one hour- 30 pounds
Distance sessions Approx one hour - 30 pounds
Attuning you to Reiki I In person Approx one and a half hours -50 pounds


Covid still exists. We can discuss how we regard any current risks when we decide how to work together.

What is the Blog ?

The blog is an opportunity for me to write about the things I have been thinking  about over the past fifty years  and an invitation to you to read and please comment . I welcome respect, honesty, and thoughtful debate . As the fourteenth Dalai Lama has said : My religion is kindness .Contact me if there is something you would like us to discuss. Anything from Art to Zen. Let's have a conversation !

Where can we meet ?

Time and space are different when entering shamanic connection and we can meet in person or via zoom.   Please contact me to discuss options . 

Very Important 

Medicine Door is not medical,nor a replacement for any treatment nor any medication related to any physical or mental health problems. If you have any health concerns,please consult an appropriate health practitioner  before contacting me to discuss options.

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